Contiki Day 1 – London to Amsterdam

Today we woke up extra early so we could pack our things and make it to the bus. We made it one time and so far our luggage is under weight. We then all boarded and took our seats but two people hadn’t arrived yet. At the last minute one arrived but we were ten minutes late so we left without the other one. 4L1A2768 4L1A2779

We drove to Dover where we caught a ferry across the channel to France. When the ferry left we got a good view of the white cliffs of Dover and Dover castle. Once back on land we drove through France and Belgium to the Neatherlands. We got into Amsterdam I the evening where we checked into the hotel and had dinner at the hotel. Nothing Dutch and all very salty. After dinner the bus took us into Amsterdam where we got onto a boat for a cruise of the canals. It was neat to see all the houses and shops from the water. 4L1A28074L1A2831 4L1A2830 4L1A2824 4L1A2817 4L1A2815 4L1A2816

After our canal cruise out tour our tour manger took us through the red light district. It reminded me a lot of Vegas. In Vegas they have men handing out little cards with a picture advertising women. In Amsterdam the women are just standing in the window. It was odd though. The rest of the group continued on to see a live sex show but we made our way by tram back to the hotel.4L1A2837 4L1A2835 4L1A2842

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