Contiki Day 2 – Amsterdam and to St.Goar

The second day after breakfast we went back into Amsterdam. Our goal was to see the Anne Frank house, I Amsterdam sign and some churches. The tour bus dropped us off at Anne Frank were we immediately got in line, we were told the line would be about 20 min. Some 2.5 hours later we made it inside but due to time we had to rush thru the museum. I was able to stop in the bookstore and pickup a copy of the diary of Anne Frank. 4L1A2849 4L1A2850 4L1A2859 4L1A2864 4L1A2871 4L1A2872 4L1A2883

On the way back to the bus we grabbed some stroopwafels, sausage bun things, and a key-chain. Then we were back on the bus for the drive to St.Goar. Along the drive we saw many castles on the hillsides. Since we spent time in the morning in Amsterdam we got into St.Goar around dinner time. Dinner was at the hotel and was pork roast, spetzle, and gravy. It was good but not a very large meal, also the server was really sticky about manners. If you looked at your phone or didn’t say thank you he gave you attitude. 4L1A2893 4L1A2898 4L1A2916 4L1A2927 4L1A2928 4L1A2933

After dinner we walked around St.Goar, it was very quiet. We saw next to no one and all you could hear was the bell tower at the church. On one street as we went back to the hotel there was a class in a nearby building playing polka music. After so many big cities it almost seemed like we were the only people alive.4L1A2935 4L1A2939 4L1A2948 4L1A2954 4L1A2962 4L1A2964 4L1A2968

The hotel room was very simple. Cream walls and sheets, the bed was two twins pushed together with two comforters folded on top. No top sheet. The beds were new but it was odd.

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