London Day 2

Our first full day in London we slept in since the ticket office for the London Passes didn’t open until 10am. Then we went and picked them up and headed past Tafalfar square to Wearminster Palace and Westminster Abby. Since it was raining there would be no changing of the guards so we skipped Buckingham palace. After our walk through of the Abby we headed across the Thames to the London Eye. I bought day and night tickets so we could go twice and see London in both lights. The views were quite amazing and the capsule you are in didn’t rock or sway at all. 4L1A2492 4L1A2494 4L1A2510 4L1A2517 4L1A2533 4L1A2527 4L1A2541 4L1A25434L1A2557 4L1A2564 4L1A2590 4L1A2596 4L1A2600

Once I got some nice pictures and the ride was over we went on a boat tour on the Thames. The boat took us from the London Eye to the Tower Bridge with commentary along the way. 4L1A2604 4L1A2644

On land we toured the Tower of London and saw the Crown Jewels before heading to the Tower Bridge. There we climbed up the bridge and walked along a platform connecting the two sides of the bridge. 4L1A2663 4L1A2677 4L1A2680 4L1A2685 4L1A2688 4L1A2694 4L1A2698

As soon as we finished we rushed back to the metro to make it to our first Contiki meeting. It took over an hour and like four lines to make it but we did. We got our instructions for the next day then left. Since it was now dark we went back out to the London Eye to ride again and take more photos. 4L1A2746

For dinner we tracked down (on Google) where some fish and chips were, the nearest happened to be a Indian restaurant.

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