Contiki Day 8 – Paris!

In the morning we took the bus into Paris and got dropped off at the Eiffel tower. We opted not to go to the perfumery in favor of more time in Paris. We walked towards the Eiffel tower to the gift shop. The night before was so rushed I didn’t get to shop! I got keychains and a figurine. Pretty tame shopping if you ask me. Then we walked across the bridge towards the train station. There was a colour run event going on wich reminded me of our last trip to Vegas. 4L1A3854 4L1A3861

We took the train to the Arc de Triumph and walked the Champs-Élysées. We stopped at Laudee to buy macrons. We got pistachio, lemon passion fruit, raspberry and salted caramel. They were good but I wasn’t a fan of lemon passion fruit and I love passion fruit. 4L1A3899 4L1A3904

Our next stop was the Luvre where we took some photos of the palace and triangles before hopping on the metro again to head to Notre Dame. We looked around the church then grabbed lunch nearby at a pizza place before returning to take more photos and go inside. Mass was in service when we returned and the organ music was amazing. 4L1A3917 4L1A3995

After Notre Dame we walked along the Seine river to where the bus picked us up. We went back to the hotel to have a quick nap and change for the evening. The rest of the tour was going to see the Moulin Rouge but we wanted to see more of Paris by night.

The bus left the hotel at 6:30pm and dropped everyone off at the Moulin Rouge. We walked to a nearby church high up on a hill. There was tons of street performers, venders, and views of the city. We then made our way to the eiffle tower again looking for a photo spot. We didn’t find it and I was getting tired again so we headed for the arc de triumph. 4L1A4067 4L1A4121

Before climbing the arc we stopped at a bar to have dinner and a drink. The food was good and drinks a tad strong for my liking.

When we got to the arc de triumph we found that it was closed. There must have been a private event or something because usually it is open in the evening. We took some photos and then headed back to the hotel for the night. We got in a few minutes before the moulin rouge group.


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