List – Owls

Last night Chris and I went out looking for Owls. We ended up finding what we were looking for and photos will be coming. But it got me thinking how many owls have I seen? How many more do I have left to find? So I am going to make a list and keep track here.

Canadian Owls
Barn Owl
Barred Owl – June 2015
Boreal Owl
Burrowing Owl
Flammulated Owl
Great Grey Owl
Great Horned Owl – Winter 2013-14
Long-eared Owl – Winter 2013-14
Northern Hawk Owl
Northern Pygmy Owl – Winter 2015 and here
Northern Saw-whet Owl – February 2015
Western Screech Owl
Short-eared Owl – Winter 2013-14
Snowy Owl
Spotted Owl

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