Contiki Day 7 – Paris by night

The drive from Lucerne to Paris took all day. We left at a decent time in the morning and didn’t get into Paris until 8pm. We got checked into our hotel before heading to the hotel resturant for dinner. Dinner was pork chops kinda. They tasted a lot like my marinaded BBQ pork chops but were a cut I didn’t recognize. After dinner we piled onto the bus and they did a nighttime tour of the city. We saw all the major landmarks and got a history of wich famous ruler was responsible. We also saw the place were the Swiss guards were killed.

The tour ended at the eiffle tower. We waited a few minutes and were treated to the light show that happens every hour. After the lights we got in line for tickets. We decided to climb the stairs up but didn’t realize we only had 1-1/2 hours till closing. My legs were shot but we made it up to level two and into the lineup for the elevator to the very top. It was rushed and we didn’t get to see anything on the first two levels. From the top we got to see all of Paris lit up. It was quite pretty but missing the best thing, the eiffle tower. 4L1A3846-Edit 4L1A3737 4L1A3752 4L1A3758 4L1A3760 4L1A3788 4L1A3820 4L1A3825 4L1A3826

We quickly headed back down to catch the bus to the hotel. It was past midnight when we got in and I was exhausted!


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