Barred Owl

After work this week Chris and I quickly had dinner and went out looking for owls. I knew a location nearby where some owlets had been spotted so we decided to take a look. It didn’t take long to locate one of the owlets up in a tree watching the trail. We could hear in the trees a Robin making a lot of noise, and occasionally a hoot. We went onto the other side of the treeline and there was an adult Barred Owl hunting. A robin was swooping in and attacking it although the owl pretended not to notice. 4L1A4802 4L1A47834L1A4909 4L1A4887 4L1A4870 4L1A4840

After watching the owl for awhile we went back to the owlet, there was then two visible. The mosquitoes were eating us alive so we headed back to the car and safety.



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