Contiki Day 5 – Venice

Today we finally got to go into the city of Venice. After getting in late the night before we had the whole day in the city. We woke up at a decent time and took a train to the islands. Then got a private boat ride to the main square. From there we did a walking tour with a local guide who explained the sites between Piazzo San Marco and the Rialto Bridge.   4L1A3154 4L1A3159 4L1A3161 4L1A3166 4L1A3175 4L1A3176 4L1A3184 4L1A3188 4L1A3192 4L1A3195 4L1A3202 4L1A3204
After the walking tour we went to a glass shop to see a glass blowing demonstration. Everything was really expensive. Like $120 euros for a glass expensive so we didn’t get anything. We then went and explored the city. 4L1A3223 4L1A3227 4L1A3230 4L1A3233 4L1A3234 4L1A3243 4L1A3248 4L1A3266 4L1A3267 4L1A3268 4L1A3269
We took a lift up the campanile or bell tower in the square for views of Venice. It was weird that you couldn’t see any of the canals but it makes sense since they are so narrow. We then walked and saw the bridge of sighs and a couple church’s before we did a gondola ride with the tour. The ride was ok. Nothing to special and our gondolier was to busy talking to the gondolier in front of us to really answer questions or anything. I think the views were just as nice from the bridges. The city was quite busy for the first half of the day due to cruise ships but in the afternoon and evening it quieted down. 4L1A3305 4L1A3311 4L1A3312 4L1A3315 4L1A3325 4L1A3335 4L1A3336 4L1A3337 4L1A3341 4L1A3347 4L1A3349 4L1A3367 4L1A3375 4L1A3378

The tour did an optional meal for dinner but we opted to get our own food so we headed over the Rialto bridge to a quiet neighborhood.  This place had cover and service charges included. You can get charged a small fortune to sit at a resturant in Venice. We both had one of the specials which was a pasta (I had ravioli and Chris lasagna) and a chicken cutlet, Chris also had French fries. It was pretty good. Defiantly a step up from most of our Italian meals. 4L1A3396 4L1A3399 4L1A3397

Once done we met back up with the tour to head back to the hotel.


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