Contiki Day 4 – Stop in Innsbruck on way to Venice

4L1A3131This morning we were on the coach at 8:45 so we could drive from Munich Germany to Venice Italy. After 3 hours we arrived in Innsbruck Austria and stopped for a few hours to have lunch. The town is very small and quiet but also very cute. Our first stop was Swarovski crystals which started in a town nearby. We looked at all the expensive art, scopes, and jewelry before leaving with a small Christmas ornament. We then went to a schnapps shop to try some locally made schnapps. I got a sweet apricot one to bring home.4L1A3106 4L1A3104 4L1A3101

We then stopped at Piano where we had lunch. It’s a little cafe on the main drag. We all tried an Almdudler, which is an Austrian pop, and found that it tasted very similar to ginger ale but with more of a citrus flavor. I had potatoes with bacon and cheese. It was like super amazing breakfast hash browns covered in cordon blu stuffing. Chris had schnitzel which he says is very similar to what we get at home. 4L1A3111 4L1A3113 4L1A3115

After lunch we went to find me a key chain and stopped at the strudel shop to get strudels. We haven’t had a chance to eat them yet since we’re planning to save them for later. We then got back on the bus to finish driving to Venice. 4L1A3117 4L1A3116 4L1A3098 4L1A3099

Our hotel is a ways out of the city and typically Italian. We got in pretty late so we dumped out stuff in the room and went to dinner. It was blah. They started with lettuce with no dressing that was super bitter. Then lasagna that had very little meat or sauce. The noodles were so over cooked they were indistinguishable from the cheese. Then we had ice cream. One was lemon which is super popular but very strong and not yellow so it catches you by surprise. We then went to bed since we will spend a full day in Venice tomorrow.

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