Contiki Day 3 – Munich

In the morning we had breakfast in the hotel then met at the shop next door where we saw a beer stein demonstration. The shops then opened for us and we could buy beer steins, coco clocks and Birkenstock. I got a pair of Birkenstock before we took the coach from St. Goar to Munich.4L1A2979

In Munich we did a bicycle tour of the city. It was 3hr long but we stopped often and had lunch at a beer garden in one of the parks. We shared a pork knuckle, potatoes and a pretzel which were really good. Chris tried some German beer while I had a spritzi which is fanta and cola mixed together. I really liked my pop but Chris’ beer was pretty awful, he didn’t think so though. This was also the cheapest place in the city to buy beer glasses so Chris did the rest of the tour with two 1L beer glasses in the basket on his bike. When the tour ended we walked down to the beer house but decided to go inside later and instead went looking for a key  chain. We wandered around for awhile but it was so late everything was closed, plus the glasses were heavy. So we went back to the beer house and in their gift shop I found my key chain.4L1A3008 4L1A3013 4L1A3014 4L1A3016 4L1A3019 4L1A3020 4L1A3024 4L1A3029 4L1A3033 4L1A3036 4L1A3038 4L1A3044 4L1A3048 4L1A3056 4L1A3057

The bus then took us back to the hotel for the night.

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