London Day 1

Our last morning in Rome we tried to sleep in but our neighbors decided to throw suitcases down the hallway (like I said Rome=rude). But once they left we fell back asleep. We ate breakfast at the hotel and got ready to leave. Our driver arrived early so we scrambled a bit but made it to the airport with plenty of time. We had to be bussed to our plane since all the terminals were open but Rome just seems to not like British Airways. The flight was good. Our pilot told us where we were and what we would see.

We flew over Nice and the French alps.

The night before we left we realized we were given directions on how to get from Heathrow to the hotel in London but our flights actually landed in Gatwick. So we had to take a train into London transfer to the metro and then walk to our hotel. Once checked in we took the train to Harrods were we looked around and then shared a pizza and had a pop. We were not told to buy pounds so we didn’t have any and used the credit card. We saw the exchange rate later and realized we paid $60 for a pizza.

 4L1A2406 4L1A2408 4L1A2409

After the pizza we walked to see Big Ben and some of the sights before heading back to the hotel for the night.

4L1A2410 4L1A2436 4L1A2444

One thought on “London Day 1

  1. Great pictures Deanne! Uncle Rick and I paid $40 Pounds for 2 ice cream creations at Harrods….they were fantastic but the price caught us by surprise!

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