Rome Day 3 – Vatican

After getting in so late the night before we had to get up bright and early to start our tour of the Sistine chapel. We had purchased a tour that got us into the Vatican museums and the Sistine chapel before the other tours. This meant seeing a lot of the exhibits without huge crowds. When we were in the museum there was only a handful of people. When we made our way through later it was packed. This tour also skipped the line which had already started forming at 7am even though the museums didn’t open for a good 2hrs.

Our tour was short but the tour guide was friendly.

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After exploring the museums, eating some cafeteria food we purchased our first souvenirs and visited the Vatican post office to mail them. I have heard the Vatican postal service is efficient and quick. But that our postcards may arrive home after we do or never at all so fingers crossed.


We then walked to St. Peter’s square. The lineup for the Basilica were huge so we skipped that. We then went to the hotel to change into shorts. Then we took the metro to see the Piazza de Poapolo, Spanish Steps, Piazza de Novella, and Fountana Trevi. The fountains were under construction so we had to stand in line to use a walkway to see them. We then walked all the way to the Tibre river to see Castle St. Angelo.

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At one point during our walk around Rome we noticed a building with a large military presence. There were cement pillars in the road that could be lowered if needed. We could hear people off in the opposite direction. As we got to the street a police officer stopped pedestrians and traffic and let a police escorted motorcade onto the road. Chris snapped a picture and the flag was Armenian. There was talks between Rome and Armenia today and they visited the tomb of the unknown soldier.

After taking photos in Rome we took a bus back to the hotel to have an accidental nap before supper.

I looked on trip advisor and found Angrypig which had really good reviews. It was a short walk from the hotel so we went there for dinner. The owner (assumed) was really friendly. He asked if we liked puchetto and gave us a slice to try. Then asked if we knew about the bread. He then explained that it was black because of vegitables in the dough that burns when baked. This makes it good for your heart and counteracts the pork. He gave us a slice to try. We placed our orders and he made us chicken salad sandwiches to eat while we waited. We ate our sandwiches back at the hotel. They were good but the chicken ones were better.

After dinner we relaxed and got ready for our trip to London the next day.

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