Rome Day 1

Our first day in Rome started not to early. We got showered and dressed and headed to the rooftop continental breakfast at our hotel. From there we wandered around the Vatican until we located a shop that sold Rome Passes. Then we headed on the Metro to the Colosseum. We waited in line for a little bit but because we had our passes we were able to skip most of the line. We got inside and explored the Colosseum. After we were finished we shared a pizza in the piazza surrounding the Colosseum. Then we went and used our Rome Pass to get into the Roman Forums. The Forums are huge, they include museums, a ruined palace, and many other buildings. We spent quite a long time exploring all the paths and buildings.


At the end of the forums is a staircase that takes you out into a piazza beside Monumento a vittorio de Emanuele II. It was at the bottom of the steps Chris got pick pocketed by little girls. I had gotten him a money thing to hide under his pants and a wallet to not look super creepy if he needs to buy something. They ran up and started separating us. I noticed the one next to me had a folded up piece of cardboard that she started unfolding and that there was no writing on it which strikes me as odd. I look at Chris who is like 5′ away at this point with one girl all over him the other with that dam piece of cardboard at his waist it clicks what they are doing. So I rush forward and slam my hand thru the cardboard pushing it to the ground. Then stood on it. The shock on cardboard girls face, lol. She starts yelling and pointing in Italian. I look down and there is Chris’s wallet. He picks it up I stepped back off the cardboard, they scooped up the cardboard and we left.

4L1A1749 4L1A1786

After seeing the monument we walked back to the Metro station and headed back to the hotel. We had dinner at a pizza place near the Vatican. The food was ok, nothing to special. In fact I think Famoso makes a better pizza ;)

Tomorrow an early train ride to Florence.

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