We’re in Rome

Yesterday (I think it was yesterday) we drove to YVR checked Putter into park n’ fly and took a flight to London. Seems like forever ago. Half way through the flight, just passed Baffin Island,  we looked out the window (they had us close all the blinds) and we were over ice

4L1A1646.The flight from Vancouver to London was 8.5hrs then we circled Heathrow for another half hour before being able to land. Once on the ground their was nowhere to unload so they took us to the British Airways area unloaded us there and bussed us to the connections terminal. We rushed thru security and arrived at our gate at what should of been last call. Luckily that flight was delayed too. Exhausted and hungry we boarded that flight from London to Rome. It was newer than the last one but way noisier. We waited in an enormous line to have our passport checked. Which was just some guy stamping them. Customs had two lines you need to declare goods and you don’t. Head thru the declaration line only to find its just a door that leads to the same spot. We met up with our driver who drove us to our hotel. At the hotel we checked in, ate a tube of pringles and went to bed.

Tomorrow the Colosseum and Forums.

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