Belated Birthday

It’s been almost a month since my birthday. We have gone out taking photos a few times but work has been busy so I haven’t posted them, till now. For my birthday we drove out to Reifel and Boundary Bay looking for owls in particular the Saw-whet owl. We spent the entire afternoon looking and the reserve was almost closing when we finally found one. It is really tiny, really high up, backlit and in a dark spot but I got to see one and with a catch too. Must have been my week, since the Sunday prior we saw a Pygmy catch a vole. Once we were done we headed back towards home. We stopped for dinner at Montana’s since I was craving Chicken tacos. Then we got cake and ate it one the couch while watching tv, mt kind of birthday :)

4L1A1405-Edit-24L1A1431-24L1A1465-24L1A1398-2Now for that Pygmy Owl I mentioned, this was Chris’s first opportunity to see one and it caught a vole/mouse right in front of us.


Other random birds


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