White Rock Pier – New Years Day

On New Years day we were planning to go snowshoeing on the North Shore but the snow was not very good (non-existent). So we decided that instead of going and paying for a trail ticket when the snow is bad we would wait for better weather. Instead we went out to White Rock to walk along the boardwalk to the pier. Along the boardwalk we saw seagulls, common loons, and killdeer. Once we got to the pier there were bufflehead and surf scoters. Bufflehead we see often but surf scoters are new to me.4L1A0084 4L1A0101 4L1A0106 4L1A0091 4L1A0126 4L1A0157

Once done on the pier we went into town for a snack and searched for a gelato place that was open. We finally found a place and enjoyed some outside on the patio. We then walked back to the car and headed over to my parents to set up their new computer.

That evening we went out to Famoso with our fiends for a pizza date.

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