A few weeks ago a litter of kittens was found, their mother had been killed, possibly by a coyote. My sisters friend offered to foster the litter of five kittens for the BC SPCA, bottle feeding them until they could be weaned. Early on one of the kittens failed to thrive and passed away. Left where 2 female and 2 male black kittens. They were dubbed 1, 2, 3, and 4.

My sister over the weeks fell for 3 a male. She asked my parents if she could adopt him. Since she is in school and living at home their permission was needed. The home has been cat free for a year now since our family cat Sandy died. They claimed to not want another cat but have looked after Trouble and Flair for us, and I can tell they enjoy having them around. After they watched them while we were in Yellowstone Mom started saying she wanted a cat like Flair.

So we spent all Christmas trying to convince Mom that what they really need is a black kitten. Dad was all for it (softy). So Mom was the only one who needed convincing and she kept saying no.

Last week the litter were spayed and neutered and returned to the SPCA. Luckily for them waiting for their arrival were people waiting to adopt them.

Please meet kitten #3, aka Sebastian, aka Bash.4L1A0341-Edit-Edit 4L1A0332 4L1A0366 4L1A0361 4L1A0352 4L1A0349

Please consider adopting your next pet. These kittens were loved long before they arrived at the shelter, raised in a good home, given medical care. Your adoption fee gets you a vetted pet, spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, a free vet visit in some cases, and a best friend. Worth every penny if you ask me, Trouble, Flair, Bash, or Meemee.

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