Before Christmas we were pretty preoccupied with hunting season.The last weekend of the season we went up Harrison Lake. It was really cold out so there was lots of fog which made it very difficult to see, it cleared up once we got to our destination though. After spending the morning out looking for deer we headed back towards town. Since it was so cold a lot of the waterfalls and seepage in the rocks were frozen so we stopped a few times for me to snap photos. At one point we parked on the side of the road and I walked back to the bridge and waterfall. Along the way I looked over my shoulder to look for traffic and stepped in a rut in the mud and twisted my ankle. I took my photos and hobbled back to the truck. We went into town and stopped at my favorite cafe and had a turkey club. This place (don’t know the name) has the best turkey clubs, so good but I couldn’t walk normally. Its been weeks since it happened and its still sore and there is a small lump in the tendon but its getting better, slowly.IMG_8149 IMG_8140 IMG_8131

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