Well it’s a new year. Hunting season has come and gone, then the hustle and bustle of Christmas and finally settling back into life.

It’s safe to say that the last few weeks have been crazy.IMG_8064

Before Christmas we got a text from our realtor that someone wanted to see our place. We were planning on going snowshoeing the next day so I had to run across town to pick up our rentals before heading home for a marathon cleaning session. When Trouble got sick keeping things clean and tidy got put on low priority. The place wasn’t messy or dirty just not showing worthy. By midnight I was done and in bed, Flair on my feet and Trouble on my head purring away.

In the morning we packed all our snow stuff and the cats in the car and headed off to my parents. The cats spend the day at their house whenever we have a showing so that Trouble isn’t under potential buyers feet the entire time. We then went up to Manning Park to snowshoe Lightning lake. It was icy so most of the way around the lake we kept our snowshoes strapped to our backpacks. Right away we were swarmed by a pack of Whiskey Jacks and they followed us up the lake. Then we saw some squirrels and a grouse. Along the other side of the lake we found another squirrel who was not happy to see us. It started chirping at us so Chris chirped back. They got into a little bit of a chirping war and the squirrel kept hopping closer and closer to us. It wouldn’t go onto the snow but went out along some tree stumps to get as close as possible. Every time it would chirp it’s entire body would shake.

Chris it seems is able to imitate animals in the worst way, while in Seattle a few years ago he got into a squawking war with some odd bird.

After snowshoeing we went out and bought our own since we’ll be doing this more often and well they were on pre-boxing day sale.

Christmas dinner this year was at my parents. We spent the morning with the in-laws exchanging gifts and making breakfast. I got all the turquoise things I could ever need, yoga, tea, cookbooks, clothes, happy camper over here. :)IMG_8323IMG_8334

Then we went over to my parents house to exchange gifts there and then my sister made dinner, turkey, tur-duck-in covered in a bacon weave, gravy, potatoes, plus all the fixings. It was delicious.

Then boxing day we took our pre-boxing day purchases out to Manning again and snowshoed Shadow Lake. This time the snow was fluffy and perfect.

We were planning to go out snowshoeing again on New Years day but the weather wasn’t very good so we skipped and went to White Rock to take pictures of the shore birds. We saw common loons, sea-gulls, surf scoters, common grebe, and buffleheads.

The next day we took a new trail at the wetlands. It was muddy and steeper than I expected. Our sneakers and boots were not the wisest footwear choices but me made it. The swans were really loud and you could hear them long before we made it to the lake. But all the effort was worth it!

Since then it has been quite yucky out on weekends so haven’t had much more options to take photos. I do have more chickadee photos and this weekend if its nice I’ll go looking for owls. I will also do some more in-depth posts on snowshoeing, White Rock, and the wetlands.

Also have someone to introduce you too ;) But that’s another post.


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