Post Trubs Photos

It’s been awhile since I posted about Trouble. She is doing fine and enjoying life without the cone. We still have to watch her and bug her endlessly to eat but we are relaxing a little bit. In between feedings we have gone out to take photos. This has been nice cause honestly those first few weeks were exhausting.

Or first weekend trip was to the Heron reserve to look for birds. Not much was out but we did get to watch this guy for awhile.
We also spent a few Saturdays out looking for deer. OK, Chris looked for deer and I slept in the truck. I was admiring the views on the first trip so I made sure to bring the camera along with on our second expedition.
IMG_7706 IMG_7724 IMG_7727 IMG_7715

Since we didn’t see any birds or ducks when we visited the Heron reserve Chris suggested we head out to Riffle Migratory Bird Sanctuary. It’s a sure fire place to find birds especially ducks. It was really windy and cold so we dressed up in all our winter gear thinking that by the ocean would be worse than inland. We heard lots of complaints from other bird watchers but really it was milder than home.

IMG_7750 IMG_7767 IMG_7783 IMG_7785 IMG_7801 IMG_7802 IMG_7805 IMG_7848

Lastly we went out to the Eagle festival. This is the same area as I talked about in this post.


I was really glad we got out and I got to take some photos, I have really been missing it lately.


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