Trouble’s new shirt

Before the weekend I had quite enough of the cone. It was making it impossible for both Trouble and I to sleep. Whenever we took it off Trouble was much happier and she never over-groomed her wound. She would lick over it in the process of cleaning herself but never chewed or licked repeatedly. Flair also never tried to lick it which wasn’t surprising since she’s the one who likes to be groomed. I had seen online people making shirts for their cats to cover spay incisions. Chris agreed to let me make Trouble one for the weekend since she was then 10 days post-surgery. So Friday night I got an old t-shirt and made her stand on it, traced her paws and cut it out. Then took safety pins and pinned it tightly along her back. I then had to take scissors and re-shape the leg holes since they were not loose enough to allow for proper range of motion. The chest was also a bit low. But it fit and she didn’t freak out. Her incision was also completely covered.

We went to bed and I didn’t get hit once in the face! But around 5am she came back to my pillow and I gave her pets and noticed the shirt was gone. I was sleepy and figured she survived that long so ignored it and went back to bed. In the morning she was still on my pillow and we proceeded to get her fed. I looked everywhere for her shirt but it was missing. We ate, and while Chris was showering I found it, on top of my pillow.

Later in the day I made her a new shirt using the old one as a template. This time I made the front longer and trimmed it once she was wearing it. I also cut loops in the top so that we could attach her collar to it. This seems to have worked and she hasn’t wiggled out since.

She is eating ok, very hit and miss. Some feedings she will eat most of her meal off the plate or spoon others the entire thing needs to be syringed. I have gotten way better at syringe feeding her. But the syringe is small so when she refused to eat I have to fill it 3 times.

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