A Week In

Today is the one week anniversary of Trouble coming home after her surgery. It also marks one week until we can go have her stiches removed and burn the cone of shame. I look forward to that day, I will sleep amazingly from that day forth.

When Trouble was sedated for her x-rays and ultrasound she was pretty messed up. She couldn’t walk, blink, keep her tongue in her mouth. It was sad and sleeping with her was nerve wracking to say the least but compared to the cone it was easy.

She spent the night after surgery at the vet office so we didn’t see her until the following evening. She was wobbly but nothing like sedation. She couldn’t jump up or down due to balance issues and walking didn’t get her far. She was supper cuddly and wanted to be with us but she was uncomfortable. How do you sleep with a cone on? So every night around 4am she wakes up bangs into me and everything in the bedroom, demands pets, sticks the cone in my face and in general is a nuisance. After the first day we decided to take the cone off when we are home and that makes life better. She sleeps and finally was able to clean herself. Her mood improved and she started walking. Of course now I think twice anytime I want to leave. Is it worth leaving if I have to put her back in the cone to be a martini glass again?

Force feeding has been a pain. She will eat if you heat the food up and spoon feed it to her. Once she’s eaten 3/4 of it then she starts licking without actually eating. Then she stops doing even that. We get the last bit into her but not without first frustrating everyone involved. Pill giving has been similar. She is feeling better so her attitude is coming back and since she has been thru so much her patience is waning. We had a really good day where she ate most of her food without to much fuss but then we had to up the amount she eats every day and that has been a setback.

It has been neat seeing little bits of her old self coming back. When we took the cone off she gave me a good head butt. The day I came home and her tail was in its usual straight up position. Then there are her new tricks. Sleeping in the crook of my arm (I think she uses my arm to rest the cone on), and her not so great habit of avoiding the litterbox and preferring the sink. She is also getting quite fond of her cat bed.

It’s been a hard tiring week but I am glad she’s back and with hard work will be well again.

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