Yellowstone – The greatest and oldest

For our two year wedding anniversary in June we drove down to Yellowstone National Park. It took 15ish hours to drive down and we stopped at Trader Joes in Spokane Washington to get our food for the week. When in the USA you gotta go to Trader Joes.IMG_5132

We made it into West Yellowstone early in the morning to a torrential downpour. Nothing we British Columbians aren’t used to but still, late, mice and elk on the road, not the best welcoming. We got our keys and got settled in our Kamping Kabin. I don’t think I have any photos of our accommodations, hmmmm. Well it was nice, kept the rain off, bugs out and with the heater on me warm.IMG_4667 IMG_4750 IMG_4772

We saw Bison right away which was high on my wish list. We saw all the gisers, steam vents, pools, ect. Even watched old faithful erupt twice. We took lots of pictures. We learned pretty quickly that Yellowstone in June is a finicky thing. In the sun and in the car its warm. Then you get out and its windy and cool. So we made sure to bring layers on our other outings.IMG_4942IMG_5129IMG_6282IMG_6305IMG_6351

Two mornings we got up at 3am and drove to Lamar Valley to search for wolves. The first adventure we half arsed and didn’t see any wolves. The second time we were determined, left the car and stoop with all the other wolf enthusiasts and low and behold saw one. Best thing ever.

We saw the Grand Tetons. . . If any American reads this they probably gonna hate me right now, but Icefields Parkway in Alberta is SO MUCH BETTER!!! Sorry, it is. Four hours of driving to see one mountain and a barn. The barn was great but the Mountains just aren’t as impressive as the Canadian Rockies. The story about the parks formation is kinda cool but I found that out after, online. Look up Moulton Barn, cool history.IMG_6193

We saw Pelicans, a Grizzly bear, Porcupine, Pronghorn, Mountain Sheep, Elk, Bison, Sandhill Cranes, Black Bear, American Flickers, Sparrows, Ducks, other stuff.IMG_5057IMG_5030IMG_6516IMG_6862IMG_6788IMG_6632

It was great.

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