The white throated sparrow

Chris and I went out to the Heron Reserve on Sunday looking for the White Throat Sparrow. We met Trudi and waited for a good while with no luck. The birds seemed to have left so we decided to take a walk, husbands can only stand looking at birds for so long before they get restless. As soon as we left the WTS came out. When we got back we took up waiting positions again with Trudi. Trudi eventually had to leave and Becke stopped by, and we moved spots. From our new spot in the blind I caught a glimpse of a beaver. Rushing to move the camera ensued and I got this lack luster photo.

After the beaver splashed the ducks and swam away we turned around to see an odd sparrow a few feet away from us. It’s him! I rushed to get my camera on the tripod and took a few photos. Yellow stripes, white throat, not quite right. (Turns out this was a tan stripped variety)

Shortly after and a few squirrel photos later a similar but different bird appeared. This was the one I recognized from online.

Normally I would crop the photos and get rid of a bit of the non-bird scenery but alas I have been sent out of town on business and am without my normal photo editing tools. But before I left I got to check a few things off my photo to-do-list.

– Take out the new lens. (Happy Birthday to me!)
– Get a photo of swans.
– Get a photo of the White throated sparrow.
– Get a burn house photo.

I did all these things this weekend but only brought the white throated sparrow photos with me on my business trip. That along with computer issues has made posting photos nearly impossible.

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