Firefit Events

While on vacation Chris and I celebrated our 5th year of knowing each other. In those 5 years we have done a lot of things and been to a lot of places. A lot of which has been thanks to firefit. Chris has competed in firefit for as long as I have known him and then some. It has taken us all the way to Vegas and Medicine Hat. Two very distant and very different places. In the early stages of our relationships the only vacations we would get were ones centered around firefit and the firefit team have become an extended family. We travel together, do fundraisers, and have BBQ’s. Now that we are dinks (dual income no kids) we’ll probably start taking more vacations away from firefit events. That’s kind of bitter sweet for me. While I loathe the idea of driving to Edmonton again I really do enjoy our firefit vacations and hope they are a part of our lives for many years to come.

I have put together a little map showing the locations of firefit events that we have attended in the last 5 years.

– Pacific Regional – Aldergrove BC 2013
– Canadian National Championships – Edmonton AB 2013
– Pacific Regional – Aldergrove BC 2012
– Pacific Regional – Coquitlam BC 2011
– Western Alberta and Northern BC Regional – Edmonton Alberta 2011
– Firefit Championship Finals – Medicine Hat Alberta 2011
– Pacific Regional – Coquitlam BC 2010
– Pacific Regional – Comox BC 2009

– Fraser Valley Regional District BC ( )
– Las Vegas
– North Bend


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