Review: Jelly Modern Doughnuts

After our day at Spruce Meadows Chris and I were headed to Edmonton. I had seen on You Gotta Eat Here Jelly Modern Doughnuts and knew I wanted to go the next time we ventured into Calgary. So we got directions from Google and ventured down town before continuing on to Edmonton. As we exited the trail (aka highways) there was lots of construction and traffic. We were looking for our next street and traffic was passing us when a police officer pulled Chris over. We had apparently been doing 80 in a 60 zone, he then asked us were we were going and Chris told him Edmonton but first we were going to Jelly Modern Doughnuts. He then said “Bless you for going to Edmonton, slow down” and left without giving us a ticket. Apparently that never happens in Calgary. Although I have heard you get better luck at the beginning of the month than near the end. But back to the doughnuts. We found the shop and I was a bit surprised. It was darker and not as well put together as the show showed. Which really isn’t surprising but since I had seen TV perfection I was disappointed when I didn’t get that. The guy behind the counter seemed half asleep and not at all cheerful. It’s a doughnut shop liven up a bit. I picked out four for Chris and I to share.IMG_9403

I chose coconut, maple bacon, lemon, and peanut butter. We then got on the highway and drove to Carstad where we got gas and split the Maple Bacon. It was also OK . It was dry and the bacon on top was meh. I kept wondering the entire time if room temperature bacon would give me food poisoning or if these were more chemicals than bacon. In my opinion Tim Hortons Maple doughnuts have more maple flavor. We then drove to Elk Island dnational park where after a hike thru the woods we had the lemon doughnut ,it was ok. Nothing special but better than the Maple Bacon.  We then drove into Edmonton to meet the firefit team. After diner once we made it to our hotel I insisted we eat the other two doughnuts. I knew if we didn’t they would go stale and be thrown out like my poor malasadas in Hawaii :(  So I cut the last two doughnuts in half. The peanut butter one was a hot mess. I thought for sure it would be good but the chocolate icing was gross and bitter. The peanut butter filling was really good though, they should of just covered the doughnut in that and called it a day. The last one was coconut and while it covered the taste of the gross chocolate it was only mildly coconut-y. Over all my favorite was the coconut, would I buy them again? No way, these were not worth the $2.75 price tag.

 (More on the rest of our day here)

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