To Jasper we go!

Chris worked Saturday night and Sunday morning but as soon as we got home we packed up the car and kissed the cats goodbye. We then headed off on our vacation only to get a kilometer, turn around and try to find my sun glasses. I searched and searched to no luck. So more kitty kisses and back to the car only to find them on the back seat. Face meet palm.

We then truly started on our way. Our first stop was short, just long enough to get Taco-Del-Mar for lunch in Kamloops. Then Chris took over driving in Blue River BC because I was tired and asked if we were in Alberta yet. I don’t know every town in my province I’ll admit but I figured after driving forever we would at least be in the province we were heading to, apparently not. So after we stopped in Blue River to look at some salmon and let Chris take over driving we continued on to Jasper. We stopped at the tourist center for the view of Mt. Robson the highest mountain in the Rockies and still in BC. Beside Mt. Robson was Mt. Cinnamon which looked taller since it was a lot closer.
MtRobson MtCinamon Tourist Center

We booked online to stay at the Fairmont Jasper Lodge. When we got there they messed up our reservation, blamed Travelocity, gave us free drinks and our room keys. Parking was bad but we just dumped our stuff off and headed out for dinner. There was a pizza place in town that I really wanted to try so we headed there. I did a review for the restaurant here. We even got gelato my first ever. I didn’t review the gelato but it was yummy!IMG_8613 IMG_8788 IMG_8784 

We then went back to the hotel and saw a few elk along the way, they were huge and wandered around like they owned the place. After viewing the elk we parked and walked to our cabin. It was soooo hot and muggy inside. We then discovered that there was no air conditioning and the fan sounded like people having sex above us. Fun. So we opened all the windows to try and get some air.

And that was the first day of our vacation. Tomorrow horseback riding.

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