Review: Famoso

A few weeks before we left for our vacation I saw a review on Dairy free Betty for Famoso. The image of the Spicey Thai pizza had me craving some. I checked online and there are none near me but there is one in Jasper and in the West Edmonton Mall. Since we were going to both those spots I knew it was fate. Our first night in Jasper we found the local Famoso and ordered the Sweet BBQ Chicken pizza. It was amazing. It has fior-de-latte which is a fresh mozzarella, chicken, BBQ sauce, tomatoes, and red onions. So good. When we got to Edmonton our last night there the team went to Famoso and we finally got to try the Spicy Thai pizza. Yumm. It’s a bit different and Chris wasn’t as much of a fan as I was. It’s peanut sauce perfection in my opinion and I will for sure be making my own version some day. Peanut sauce, chicken, bean sprouts and carrot sticks = perfection!

 If you ever run across a Famoso I suggest you try it. Just a FYI you order at the till and then they bring everything out to your table so it’s a mix of fast food and seated restaurant style.



*** In the process of getting links for this post I discovered the city over from us will be getting a Famoso in the fall!! Love <3

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