E C Manning Park

This Saturday Chris and I went to E C Manning park to view the wildflowers and hike. Last year Chris and I went up to the Cascade lookout and Heather Trail. It was unique compared to the rainforests we are used to. In my opinion it is one of the most beautiful areas and nices hikes. It’s not a hard hike but the scenery is fantastic.

Untitled_Panorama1 copy

Once we were done we went down to the Manning Resort Lodge. There are tons of ground squirrels on the grass out front. They are quite habituated especially if you have food. I do not agree with feeding the wildlife so I never bring food. This means I have to try harder and be a little sneakier and patient. So I get as close as they seem comfortable then sit down and wait. This can be hard and frustrating. Not because the ground-squirrels hide but because tourists are annoying. I am sitting in the grass with my camera and telephoto lens obviously taking photos and they follow me from spot to spot running up to the holes throwing food at them and scaring them away. Then I move somewhere else, only to get set up and have them run past me scaring of my subject. Come on! This wrecks my experience and is bad for the ground squirrels. We eventually just left.


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