Sunset Bear

Last week as we were driving home from my parents house Chris took me to some fields outside of town. He had told me to bring the camera but didn’t tell me why. When we got to the fields he told me about an article in the local paper about a bobcat sighting. It had been spotted in the field a few days earlier. We drove along the field a few times looking for any sign of a bobcat. As we were looking I noticed a large dark animal along the fence line. I assumed it was a cow or horse since it was so large. Chris noticed it too. As we were pondering what it was it started walking towards us and it became apparent this was a large black bear. We were in the truck across the field from it and it was huge. It felt and looked to us way bigger than my pictures convey. It then wandered into the trees surrounding a neighboring barn. Very cool.


More pictures HERE

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