Honeymoon – Menehune Ditch, Swinging Bridge, Salt Pond, and Beach House

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASince there was so many waves the day before we looked up the wave report and discovered that it wasn’t going to be a good day to go to Kee and snorkel so we headed to the other side of the island. We wanted to do some snorkeling so we headed to the Beach House and snorkeled there for a while. Like always it was fantastic. Maybe not as clear and warm as Kee but the fish are superb. After snorkeling we got out and warmed up in the sun. I got Chris to get me some sand for my picture frame I’ll make of our trip and we headed to the car.

We headed into Waimea and found the Menehune ditch and swinging bridge. The ditch and bridge were along the river up in a rural area. There was no parking right at the bridge so we parked along the side of the road and walked up to the bridge. There was a horse along the side of the road, wandering and eating grass. Along the other side of the road was the ditch. We got to the bridge and climbed the stairs to walk across. It wasn’t as wobbly or shaky as the Capilano Suspension bridge and nowhere near as long either. When we got about half way across we were met by some puppies. They were friendly and Chris tried some of Caesar’s techniques on them with mixed results. We didn’t go all the way across the bridge because it went into someone’s backyard. But we did enjoy the view and then made our way back to the car.IMG_6531 IMG_6532 IMG_6536

We then decided to drive to Port Allen and try to find Glass Beach. I looked it up on my phone and we found it easily. There was lots of little pieces of glass and tiny shells. A lady told me to look closer to the water for larger pieces. She showed us her collection and she had a few interesting chunks of glass. They were much larger than I was interested in though. After the Glass Beach we decided to try snorkeling at the Salt Pond since we had heard it was a good beginner spot. We headed back towards Waimea and found it. It’s a large sandy beach with lots of amenities and picnic spots. As we walked down the beach we saw a pair of large, furry black dogs. I told Chris I recognized that type of dog and asked the owner as we walked past if they were Newfoundland’s. They were.  Interesting to think we have to fly into a tropical climate to see dogs that originated from our part of the world. The snorkeling at Salt Pond didn’t really impress us so we decided to get a snack and head to the Beach House which we knew would have fantastic snorkeling. We went back to Waimea to the Chinese restaurant and got some Lilikoi pie. It was ok but the crust was blah. I am not a pie crust fan so I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t like that part.

We then headed back to Beach House for another round of snorkeling. It was great again and we met some new friends.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

These butterfly fish were super friendly. Whenever they saw us in the water they would swim over and say hello. They would get so close it was hard to take pictures of them.

Once we were once again tired and cold we headed back to the hotel to get cleaned up and head out for dinner. This time we decided to try the Olympic Café. It didn’t seem to busy but all the window tables were taken. We were seated quickly and another waitress offered to get us drinks while we waited for our server to come to our table. She never came. Eventually the lady who got us waters came back, apologized and offered to help us instead. She did a great job even if her co-worker seemed to not want to work. The manager was wondering around which made me feel like he didn’t give two bits what happened in his restaurant. One girl doing everyone’s job while they all hang out in the back? Not cool. Anyway her service was good and the food hit the spot. We left happy and headed to the ABC store to check out the prices for alcohol.

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