Honeymoon – Monastery, Ke’e Beach, Queens Bath

Our first full day back in Kauai Chris and I decided to go see a monastery on our way to the beaches. We headed up into the mountains around Kapa’a and found the monastery. It was quiet and morning prayers were finished. We covered ourselves up with the sarongs provided and headed up the path to the temple. I found it really interesting but also uncomfortable. There were still people in the temple and while cameras are permitted they do not allow photos in the temple. I understand and respect this but it was still weird to be a tourist at someone’s place of worship. I really did not want to offend anyone and being that I am unfamiliar with the customs figured I could do so unintentionally. We quickly looked around, Chris’s sarong fell off, and we left.IMG_6450 IMG_6451 IMG_6453 IMG_6454 IMG_6457 IMG_6461

We headed toward Ke’e so that we could do some more snorkeling. When we got there the first thing we noticed was the warning signs telling us there was no snorkeling allowed. We parked and made our way to the beach and there was HUGE waves crashing over the reef. It was intense and we didn’t need a sign to keep us out of the water. Instead we headed along the beach in search of shells. I found plenty and we even did some sun bathing.IMG_6464 IMG_6465 IMG_6466 IMG_6490

At the car rental place the day before Chris had seen a short video about Queens Bath. The video was mostly about how dangerous it was and the people that have died there but Chris thought it looked neat and that we should check it out. *Warning video fail* We vowed however to be very careful and avoid going out onto the rocks. I couldn’t find our good map of Kauai so we drove around in the area we thought Queens Bath was until we found a trail leading down to the water. It was muddy and ran along a stream. By the time I got down to the rocks I was covered in mud. At the beginning of the rocks there was a cement marker with a tally of all the deaths that had happened there. It was creepy and knowing that there were strong waves that day didn’t make me feel to confident in going exploring. We did walk around a bit before it started pouring and we figured it best to head back.IMG_6496 IMG_6499 IMG_6506 IMG_6511

On the way back up the trail to the car I fell and braced myself on some groundcover. The groundcover unfortunately was covering up a branch and my wrist landed on it. I ended up with a long scrape and bruise up the inside of my wrist. We went back to the hotel where I washed my feet, legs and flip flops. I tried getting all the dirt out of the cut on my toe but was pretty un-successful.

After we got cleaned up Chris and I headed into Kapa’a and got dinner. We had a burger and some onion rings at a local burger place. They were much better than the ones we had in O’ahu and I was really contemplating having a second until Chris suggested we get ice cream back at the hotel. Sold! We headed back to the hotel and grabbed some laundry and change and headed to the laundry facility at our hotel. We put in our wash and then walked to the Whalers store and got some ice cream. We then went and put our wash in the dryer before heading back to our room to eat our ice cream. Yum. We then picked up our laundry and went to bed.

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