Honeymoon – Diamond Head

After Kokohead Crater my legs were sore, really sore but when in O’ahu you have to hike Diamond Head right? So Chris and I headed to Diamond Head and tried to find a parking spot. The parking lot was full so we had to park outside the park at the nearby university and walk in. I am pretty sure that the walk to the park entrance was longer than the hike itself.

To get to the park and trail you have to go thru a tunnel in the crater wall. This was pretty cool, except for the cars driving at you :S

We paid our entrance fee and headed up the trail stopping at the buildings along the start to read about the history of Diamond Head.IMG_5903


Inside the crater was hot. There is no wind and the crater walls reflect heat like an oven. I was hot, so very hot. The trail was easy but I kept overheating. In the parking lot at the bottom of the trail there was probably 6 handicap parking spots but I can not imagine someone in a wheel chair trying to get up diamond head. The trail is to rocky (although nothing like Lindaman Lake) and there are a lot of stairs.IMG_5913 IMG_5917 About half way up we passed a lady sitting on the ground in the shade. She had a damp cloth on her forehead and there was probably 4 guys standing around her fanning themselves trying to cool off. One of the guys was giving her heck about stopping in the sun and I totally sympathized with her. It’s hot and there was not a lot of shade. Sometimes you just had to stop where you were and try to cool down.

A little ways past the lady was a lookout. There there was a little bit of a breeze and a pretty nice view of the crater floor. Once I had cooled off Chris and I continued up the trail to our first set of stairs. These stairs led into a tunnel. I am not closterfobic but the heat and the tightness did make me uncomfortable. Then the person behind me started panicking which really didn’t help. But I made it thru.IMG_6002 IMG_6003

After the tunnel the trail split. One way was a set of stairs going straight up the other went around and was a few set of shorter stairs. We chose the shorter steps that went around the crater wall. From these steps we got a pretty good view of the lighthouse. While continuing to the top we heard sirens and the fire department showed up. We figured it was for the lady we saw earlier. I was worried that then the firefighters would end up with heat exhaustion also.IMG_5927 IMG_5998

As we made it to the top of Diamond Head another fire truck showed up. We watched for a bit then started taking photos. Before long we then heard a helicopter. We watched as the helicopter flew around the crater then landed on a crest, let out two paramedics then went to an open field at the bottom and waited. Eventually they then went back and using a basket carried her to waiting ambulance.IMG_5991

On the way down we bought a t-shirt and certificate saying we survived and the guy said they rescue 100 people a year off of Diamond Head. Wow.IMG_6005 IMG_6007 IMG_6009

After Diamond Head I convinced Chris we should check out a bakery I had heard about online (thanks Julie at PBFingers). So we headed to Leonard’s Malasadas to get us some. Malasadas are portuguese donuts covered in sugar and cinnamon. They were good but I found them dense and filling. We ate two each and took the last two back to the hotel. The plan was to eat them later but that didn’t happen.

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