Honeymoon – Snorkeling and Halona Blowhole

After climbing Kokohead trail and walking around Waikiki the day before my legs were definatly ready for a more relaxing day. So Chris and I decided to go snorkeling. We started out by heading towards Hanauma Bay put the parking lot was full so we kept heading East around the island until we reached our next must see spot, Halona Blowhole.IMG_5821


This blowhole was right off the highway and Chris and I spent a good while watching the waves crash into the rocks and cause the blowhole to spout.IMG_5810


While we were there we noticed a splash off in the distance.IMG_5823


It was a humpback breaching! I almost got it on camera but missed most of it. They are really fast when they are leaping out of the water.IMG_5854


While we were watching for another breach the whale played with it’s pectoral fins splashing and having fun, he didn’t breach again though :(IMG_5809


After watching the whale play in the water we decided to head to our next snorkel spot, Makai Research Pier.IMG_6142


This snorkel spot is right along the highway and there wasn’t very many people there. We were worried at first but once we got in we were really impressed. The water was clear, the fish large and plentiful.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

 As we were snorkeling I turned around to point out some huge Unicorn fish to Chris and almost gasped. There swimming below him was a sea turtle. I pointed down and he finally saw it. If they were on land Chris would have been t-boned by a sea turtle. Now swimming over turtles is wrong and we learned that later but honestly we didn’t see him and wouldn’t have if I hadn’t turned around to look behind me. After noticing him though we stopped and let him pass on his merry way. We didn’t follow him just observed him as he continued what he was doing.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


After our snorkeling adventure we decided it was time for lunch and we headed to another pier I had heard had good food. It’s true the He’eia Pier Store and Deli does have good food, if you are ever in the Kaneohe area stop by and get the Guava Chicken Burger. Yumm.IMG_5869

After lunch we continued North up the island and tried snorkeling at another beach but it was currenty so we decided to go to Turtle Bay. On our way back to the highway we saw a mongoose laing in the sun along the road. Once we got to the highway we foundTurtle Bay Resort and the beach access and went down to the water to find us some turtles. I couldn’t help but wonder where Saving Sarah Marshall was filmed. Didn’t really recognize anything not that I know the movie all that well. Anyway back to the beach. No turtles but there was lots, and I mean lots and lots of sea urchins. They were everywhere and covered everything. Giant purple death balls and there were people barefoot! It creeped me out bad. That could be because my Mom does have a story about stepping on one in O’ahu when she visited eons ago. There wasn’t tons of fish, it was rocky, and the urchins were watching me so we decided to leave and try elsewhere. Basically compared to the Research Pier, blah.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I was getting pretty snorkeled out so we decided to head back to Waikiki. When we got in we tried to have dinner at the Cheesecake factory but it was insanely busy and we went to P.F. Changs instead. There was still a wait but not an insane one. We hadn’t noticed a price difference on anything so far but at P.F. Changs we did. Everything was a couple dollars more and the portions were smaller. Now to be fair the only other P.F. Changs us canadians have been to is the one in Vegas and we find food a deal in Vegas.

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