Honeymoon – Kokohead Crater and Waikiki

While researching activities for Chris and I to do while in Hawaii I came across Julie at PBFingers blog posts about her trip to Hawaii. I had been reading PBFingers for a while but her O’ahu trip happened before that. It was while browsing thru the archives that I found them. A lot of her posts were about festicals, art galleries, and resturants that I knew were not Chris’s thing. But when I saw her post on Kokohead I knew we had to go. So on our 3rd day in O’ahu Chris and I drove out past Diamond head in search of Kokohead Crater Trail. We found it without much trouble.IMG_5594


As we got closer and I could see the trail we were going to climb I started getting butterflies, I even started breathing heavily. But once we got to the trail head and got started I calmed down and just climbed.

Like it looks it’s hard. Chris of course had no problems, don’t think he even broke a sweat. I was hot and needed to break often. The steps are taller than a normal stair step but not quite as high as double stepping.IMG_5605 IMG_5603IMG_5599 At one point there is a “bridge” or more acuratly a spot where the soil is washed away and your walking on the trussel above the ground. The steps are a lot closer together here but once again not quite right for a stair step. They are musch closer than a step and added with the steepness makes it hard work on the calfs. At least for me, some people ran it. Some people went around. Then there was the extra nice people who thought I was amazing for doing it.02 - Kokohead Trail 03 - Top of Kokohead

Slowly but surely we made it to the top. It was cloudy by the time we got up there and the view wasn’t as nice as that Julie got to experience on her trip. It was worth it though. I made it.IMG_5607 IMG_5638 IMG_5650

Once we were done exploring the top of Kokohead we headed back down, this is where for us the best views were, just low enough to be out of the clouds.IMG_5692


Down was hard on the knees but we made it back and Chris even treated me to ice cream :)IMG_5663 IMG_5683 IMG_5700 IMG_5691 IMG_5701 IMG_5702

After ice cream we went back to the hotel to shower and change. Then we decided to walk around Waikiki and find some food. We ended up having pizza. As we ate our pizza we walked towards the Moana Surf Rider (first hotel in Waikiki) and visited the bronze statue of Duke Kahanamoku. Then we walked down Waikiki Beach. It was sooooooo busy compared to all the other beaches we had been to. It was also really hot. Eventually we made our way back to the hotel where we hung out until it was time to find dinner.IMG_5587 IMG_5744 IMG_5751

For dinner we had burgers. Not much to say about the burgers but come on. If you are going to claim to have the best burgers in O’ahu, Waikiki, Hawaii, whatever, do not use pre-foarmed, frozen, oily meat pucks. Oh and there was a cochroach although Chris says it flew in from outside. Maybe us cold weather tourists think cochroaches are a bigger deal then they are?

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