Honeymoon – O’ahu

After 4 nights and 3 days in Kauai we flew to O’ahu. We arrived at the rental car place with lots of time to spare. When we picked up the car it took us 2 hours and before we left we asked how long we would need to drop it off. Their non-answer made us be extra cautious. Way to cautious it took maybe 10 minutes to return the car and by the time we went thru airport security we had hours to wait before our flight. Lesson learned.

The flight to O’ahu was short, maybe 20 minutes. We took off the flight attendants/stewards/politically correct term? hurried down the aisle handing out juice. Then rushed to the back grabbed the trash bag, collected the cups, then we landed.

When we went to pick up our next rental car we were given an upgrade to a Jeep Liberty. It was nice but was a bit of a gas hog. Also no trunk to hide your stuff. We made our way thru Honolulu traffic to our hotel the Outrigger Luana. It is on Fort Derussy park and was quite nice. Darker than the Kauai Beach Resort but nice. Since it was now early afternoon we decided to try to make it to the Dole plantation. Well we tried. With traffic we made it just in time to buy a dole whip and then leave. Darn, but I got dole whip :)

After our dole whip we headed toward the beach and decided to watch the sunset at Sunset Beach. Our first sunset in Hawaii.IMG_5458 IMG_5459 IMG_5461 IMG_5470

Once the sun went down we headed back to Waikiki and our hotel. Then we walked to dinner. We found Hula Dog and I fell in love. Hot dogs that were different, yummy, and didn’t make me sick! Yes. Also hand-made lemonade. I had the polish hotdog with pineapple relish and Hawaiian (Lilikoi) mustard. Sweet but good. We need one of these at home.

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