Honeymoon – Ke’e and Anini Beach

Our third day in Kauai started with breakfast on the lanai and then we head back to Ke’e beach. I had read in a magazine in our hotel room that Hanakapi’ai Beach was beautiful and that there was a chance at seeing Hawaiian Monk Seals. It was also only a 2 mile hike. 2 miles is easy right? So we started off on our hike. Oh goodness it was bad. I was so hot, so tired, and it was straight up. We got to the lookout and I was done. I can’t imagine 1-1/2 more miles of that. So we took a few photos and turned back.IMG_5436 IMG_5437

Once we got back down to the beach it was more than time for a swim. We got suited up and headed to the beach with our snorkels. My snorkeling goal was to see the humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa or reef triggerfish. The Hawaiian name for the reef trigger fish means “fish that grunts like a pig”. We didn’t get to hear any grunting fish but we did see them. They were quite shy though the wrasses and butterflies were much more friendly.


After snorkeling I was really hungry so we headed into Kilauea and got pizza at a local shop. It was really good, a bit spicy and very hot. Then we headed to Anini Beach for some more snorkeling. The water wasn’t very clear at Anini but we did get to visit with our first sea turtle. It was eating off the bottom, we stayed far away and watched it. Very cool.IMG_5448 IMG_5444



On our way thru Kapa’a we had noticed a few times the chicken in a barrel BBQ place. It looked interesting so we decided to get some to go. I had the sampler while Chris had chicken and ribs. I also grabbed some of their BBQ sauce in a to go cup. When we got back to the hotel we dug in and it was really good, especially with BBQ sauce. My favorite was the pulled pork and pulled beef. Yumm. When in Kauai definitely load up on the pulled meats.

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