Honeymoon – Noodles and Hula Pie

Once we got back to the hotel we decided to break out the bathing suits for real and go swimming. We were surprised to find that the pool at our hotel was salt water. It was nice though and my sunburn was starting to feel better.

After swimming we started to get hungry so I took out my trusty binder and looked up suggested places to eat. We decided on being brave and chose a noddle place in Lehue. We tracked down the noodle place (no easy task) and went in. It was a little place with yellowed laminate countertop tables that snaked thru one side of the dinning area. On the other was a giant square laminate table. We got seated at the giant table with another couple and ordered the Wonton Saimin. It was pretty much ichiban with wontons, a chunk of pork and pink flakes on top. Chris figured the pink flakes were crab, yuck. As we started to eat another couple came in. Unlike the first couple they too seemed to be tourists. The waitress had given us chop sticks to eat our noodles with and although I was watching the lady across from me I just couldn’t get it. Eventually she called over the waitress and got her to bring us forks. Embarrassing.

I was kinda enjoying our noodle dinner. I used to eat ichiban all the time in middle school and the wontons were good. I was kind of uncomfortable with people watching me eat  and the decor though. But figured it wouldn’t be busy if it was bad or made people sick, right?

Then as we were eating Chris spotted something land in the pile of napkins in front of me. He had hoped I wouldn’t notice it but as I was eating the cockroach decided to crawl out of the napkins and down the edge of the table beside me. I froze, horrified. It walked along the table around the corner and towards the other touristy couple. The husband grabbed a little dish and pushed it away from his horrified wife. It then started walking back towards me. I grabbed the little dish and put it on top of Mr. Cockroach trapping him. As I put it down his antennae wiggling from underneath my napkin dropped from my lap brushing my leg. I screamed. No joke. The tourist lady locked eyes with me in horror. I looked down and whispered, it was my napkin.

We quickly tried to finish our meal. Chris succeeded but I just couldn’t do it so I gave up and we quickly paid the bill, left a huge tip since we had no change, and left. Chris joked about me not getting the lilikoi pie since it was on my to-do list. Nope maybe somewhere else.

Honestly I left not yet full, I just couldn’t eat anymore with Mr.Cochroaches antanai wiggling out of the dish at me. So we went to the binder again. Chris suggested desert and I had a note that the Hula Pie at Dukes Barefoot Bar was good and this place was in the Marriott so it must be nice.

We drove thru Lehue and with the help of google maps we found the Marriott. The guys at the front parked our car and gave us directions to the restaurant. That place was huge. There was a courtyard with koi and swans. There was a hula show and some of the male dancers asked us if we could bring them a pie back. We got to the restaurant/bar which was two stories and were quickly seated. Hula pie is a chocolate gram cracker crust with macadamia nut ice cream and chocolate fudge topping. It was huge and very good. There was no cockroaches and a black and white kitty slept by our table the entire time. Much better than noodles :)

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