Honeymoon – Kilauea Point Lighthouse Kauai and North Coast

On our second day in Kauai we drove to the other side of the island. Our first stop was the Kilauea Point Lighthouse. The lighthouse is a national wildlife refuge and is home to many sea birds and the Hawaiian state bird the Nēnē. I was really excited at the possibility of seeing one of these neat birds. Luckily there were plenty of Nēnē in the park and I found them very cute and comical looking. The Nēnē is related to the Canadian Goose who probably traveled to the island 500,000 years ago.  When I saw it it did remind me of a Canadian goose, although smaller and not as noisy.IMG_5353 IMG_5355 IMG_5359 IMG_5361

When we got to the park we parked and walked up the path towards the cliffs and lighthouse. The path was paved and overlooked the cliffs where some of the sea birds nest.

    IMG_5247 IMG_5248 IMG_5254 IMG_5267

While up at the lighthouse we caught a glimps of about 3 humpbacks off shore. They were originally spy hopping but by the time I got the camera they were just hanging out feeding.IMG_5295 IMG_5331

IMG_5347Once we were done at the lighthouse we continued down the highway towards Hanalei and Ke’e Beach. We had heard there was good snorkeling at Ke’e and wanted to check it out. On the way there we stopped at the dry cave and went down to Ha’ena Beach. The dry cave extended into the side of a vine covered cliff and was quite cool and sandy. Once we were done exploring the cave we wandered back across the highway and down to the beach. The water was super blue and had the largest waves I had ever seen so close to shore. I took some photos but due to fiddling with the settings in the dry cave they didn’t turn out.IMG_5370 IMG_5372

We continued on thru twisting roads and one lane bridges to Ke’e Beach. The parking lot was packed and there were cars lining the highway all the way to a nearby gardens. We parked up by the gardens and walked down to the wet cave. Due to bacteria in the water we didn’t get to close but it seemed to go on for quite a distance. We then continued on down the road till we hit the end – Ke’e Beach.IMG_6490

Need I say more? It’s beautiful (although on this day wavy). We didn’t work up our courage to go snorkeling though. The waves breaking on the reef were a tad intimidating although in hindsight this is the beach of all beaches. The water in front of the reef is super calm, clear and fishy.

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