Honeymoon – Spouting Horn and Snorkels

After visiting Kilauea Lighthouse we went into Kilauea and had lunch at the bistro. While on the patio we got to see a little green lizard. It climbed all the way up a bush and watched us eat then jumped to another one. It was fast.  After lunch we headed back towards our hotel. But instead of stopping we continued on into Poipu and picked up our snorkel gear at Snorkel Bobs. Snorkel Bobs is pretty cool. They give you a list of popular snorkel spots, common fish, and you can return your gear after hours and on different islands. They also include a bottle of fog stop. This works pretty well if you do it properly. Once we had our gear we stopped at Spouting Horn. After taking photos of the water forced thru the rocks by the waves we noticed something in the water. At first we thought seals. Being west coasters there are only a few common marine mammals, seals and dolphins. We automatically assumed the dark shapes in the water must be Hawaiian Monk seals. Once we got out the telephoto lens out we discovered that they were actually sea turtles eating sea weed off the rocks. They were pretty cool and Chris was really excited to potentially get the chance to snorkel with one.IMG_5113 IMG_5115 IMG_5134 IMG_5170 IMG_5184

On the way back to Lihue we stopped at the first sugar mill of Hawaii and took a few pictures. The mill looked super cool but was private property and not open to tours. On our way back to the highway we also went thru the tunnel of trees.IMG_5223 IMG_5226

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