Honeymoon – Kauai Pasta

After exploring the Koloa and Poipu we headed back into Lihue to find dinner. Since I was still catching my bearings in Lihue we drove around town until we found Kauai Pasta. The servers there were friendly and the restaurant was open late. I had the fettuccine Alfredo and Chris had the house pasta. I was very impressed. It was good and reasonably priced. To drink we had water. The fraser valley health authority recently made our town chlorinate our water. The water in Kauai is now better than our water at home. No chemical taste at all.

After dinner we went to the local Walmart and bought some snacks. We also bought bowls, spoons, milk and cereal for the weeks breakfasts. We also got some Aloha juice. LOVE Aloha juice. Liliko’i is the best. If you come across it buy it, drink it, buy more then send me a note as to where to get it.

In Kauai they do not use plastic bags. I agree with this since when a plastic bag makes it into the water turtles mistake them for jellyfish and eat them. Also the reusable bags are also very affordable. A Walmart bag was $0.50 this is way better than the $3.50 we are charged at home. We picked up one and look forward to using it when we go grocery shopping.IMG_5087

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