Honeymoon – Fort Elizabeth State Park and Wiamea Canyon

We arrived late Saturday night after a six-hour flight across the pacific. It was only 9:30 pm in Lihue but to us it felt like 12:30am. When we got off the plane and went to the open air baggage area we immediately noticed how hot and humid it was. It was like walking past the steam room at the pool. Muggy and hot. We were still dressed for Canada and the cool plane flight so we started getting over heated right away. We went to the shuttle bus to go pick up our rental car. Once we got to the rental car place we waited for almost two hours before getting to the counter. Then the lady behind the counter tried to upgrade our vehicle. Patience was at an all time low and there was no way we were going to spend $488 extra to get a jeep. Even though the lady claimed that our Aveo just couldn’t handle the awful roads in Kauai. Once we got our car we headed to our hotel, The Kauai Beach Resort. It was just down the highway, fairly easy to find and in the darkness looked nice.  They had an elevator and ramps for our luggage. We got to our room and it looked exactly like the photos. Well maintained and not to tacky like most Hawaii hotels. We quickly went to bed since it was 2:00am our time (11:00pm Hawaii time). Around 5:00am Hawaii time my brain told me it was time to get up for work. Shortly after the roosters woke up. They didn’t bother me to much and I was able to go back to sleep for a while longer. When we finally got up we opened up the blinds to a pretty stellar view. We could see the pools, waterfalls, palm trees and the beach. IMG_4979 First Hotel Panaroma cropped

We got all our stuff packed into Chris’s backpack and headed into Lihue to find breakfast. Before leaving for Hawaii I did research on where some good places to eat where. Driving around Lihue it was very difficult to find said places, so we ended up at Starbucks.

After we ate our breakfast sandwiches we headed down the coast towards Wiamea. Our first stop of the day was Fort Elizabeth State Park. I knew there was supposed to be aruins on the grounds. When we arrived at the park there was lots of Chickens but not a lot of ruins. We walked along a path towards the beach when we saw the ruined walls of the fort. We climbed up into the fort and explored the walls.

Fort Elizabeth was a Russian Fort built in 1815. It was abandoned in 1817 and tore down by the Kingdom of Hawai’i.

Once we were finished at the fort we headed back to the car and proceeded to bug the chickens. Chris was mimicking the roosters and it wasn’t long before we were surrounded. Once we were back on the highway we headed thru Waimea and turned up towards Waimea Canyon. The views were pretty cool and quite colourful. We pulled over a few times to look over the edge. One stop we found a creek with a few small waterfalls, then we walked down towards the canyon and found a bunch of enukshuks.

 IMG_5033 IMG_5035 IMG_5043 IMG_5050

We stopped at many of the scenic overlooks on the way up the canyon. The canyon walls were a mix of bright reds and greens; We saw lots of chickens along the way and many other birds. One of my favorites was this little cardinal. We learned later in our trip that they have quite the attitude and like to fight.

  IMG_5073 IMG_5077 IMG_5092

Note: Just because it looks cloudy and you will spend most of the day in the car doesn’t mean you can skip sunscreen. If you do like me then you will get burned. Ouch.

Also the Aveo handled the drive fine.IMG_5063

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