Secret Daughter

After reading Blackberry Winter from Julie’s Book Club last month I have gone back thru prior months looking for books to bring with me to Hawaii. I also have been reading while Chris works night shifts and needed ideas. The next book I read was Secret Daughter. This book was one of three books chosen last month for the book club but lost to Blackberry Winter. Secret Daughter totally should have won, it’s a way better book.


I found myself comparing the characters Vera and Clare of Blackberry Winter to Somer in Secret Daughter. These three women all had problems in their relationships, had children that complicated those relationships and they all worked thru it in different ways. There was Vera who was negative and ran away from her relationships, Clare who got depressed but quickly bounced back and fought for her marriage, then Somer who shut down slowly and had to work her way back from it. I admired Somers dedication to finding herself, realizing the things she did wrong and worked to correct them. There was no point that I became frustrated with her and her mistakes because they seemed logical. I could see how someone could make decisions and have feelings like she did, and how those things affected her life. It made sense and I like characters that make sense.


I really enjoyed Secret Daughter, it was well written and none of the characters annoyed me. They all seemed like real people, they made mistakes but mistakes that seemed human not over sensationalized.

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