Race Recap – Color Run Las Vegas


A few weeks ago my sister, cousin, Chris and I traveled to Las Vegas to do the Color Run. While we didn’t run it was definitely fun and something I want to do again. The day started by heading to Walgreens and grabbing a yogurt for breakfast. Then we hopped on the Deuce and headed out to Fremont Street where the race was held. The ladies in front of us were also all decked out for the race. As we went down the strip the bus stopped and picked up even more Color Runners.


When we arrived at the start of the race there were people everywhere! The only other races I have been in were Terry Fox runs in school and the Brita Resolution Run I did in January. There was way more people for this run, 10,000 in fact. Everyone was decked out in white and lots of people had too-too’s and other costumes on. I wish we had come up with a costume but that would have been interesting getting thru security at the airport. It was pretty early by Vegas standards but the sun was warm and there was lots of excited people around. The race was started when the Run-icorn made his way thru the crowd (via john deer 4 wheeler) to the starting line. They then let the first wave go (our wave).

We had decided in advance to walk the race. My sister isn’t much of a runner and we wanted to stick together. There were lots of people walking so we didn’t feel alone. There were however lots of people who did run. In our wave all the walkers stayed over on the side but I heard a lady complain later that the “stupid” walkers were always in her way. Most of the race was thru a residential area and past a school. Although the very first part took us past the pawn shop featured in Pawn Stars. Star struck just a little.


The first colour station was orange followed by pink. The colours looked very similar and after those two colours we looked like cheese puffs or umpaloompas. The colour stations were so much fun!!!! They use condiment bottles filled with coloured cornstarch to get the colour on you. I didn’t have any problems breathing and they avoided your face. The cornstarch feels really cool too when it hits you, cool, powdery and maybe a bit crunchy. My sister wanted her headband to get covered so she bent over so that she would get hit in the head, it ended up all over her face. At the next station she told the people with the bottles to aim for her head and they obliged.

As we were walking people were outside on the sidewalk staring at us. Once we went thru the first colour station they really started staring and laughing. It was great, there was lots of cheering and hooting and hollering. Now no lies or sugar coating, this run went thru a pretty “sketchy” neighborhood. A lot of houses were boarded up and run down. There are lots of people with mental illness and drug problems. They seemed to find us getting covered in brightly coloured corn starch the most entertaining. I felt safe though, everyone was having a good time.


Between the pink/orange and yellow/blue stations was a water station. They gave you cups of water and if you wanted they sprayed you with green water. We got sprayed because like everyone was shouting it’s the color run! Then we continued on to the yellow station. Here Chris got a big P of yellow corn starch on his back. This was un-intentional and pretty cool since our last name starts with P. Before we knew it we were at the blue station. Now all the stations were super enthusiastic and fun but blue had a bit more. They had more people, more colour, more yay!!!! Which is good I like blue. They even sprayed us with blue water too. It was great.


Then we crossed the finish line and joined the after parties. We made our way to the stage with our packets and when the DJ counted down we threw them in the air and at each other. This was the only time breathing became hard. I got coloured cornstarch everywhere. The blue dye was the darkest and eventually my teeth and inside my nose were blue. It was still fun though. We were all tired so we did one more colour throw and then headed to the hotel to shower and change.

76006_10151655889801055_1608765515_n 554127_10151655889766055_548911688_n

I had a plan going in on how I was going to handle getting outta my clothes. I used the bag our shirts came in to hold our coloured shirts. It was zip-locked so it kept our room and suitcase clean. I took everything off so that they stayed inside out and trapped the majority of the mess inside. My feet were blue and where my sports bra sat was all blue too. Oh and I looked like I had bruises under both arm pits. Most of it washed off pretty well, I have dry skin so that usually means dye/colour lasts longer on me since the skin doesn’t sluff off as fast, but by the next morning most of it was gone.

I have not delt with my shirt yet. I plan on doing like the color run website says, spray with vinegar and iron. This process though will probably take place outside or in the bath tub and I haven’t gotten to that yet. I’ll for sure post pics of the process.

If you are thinking about doing a color run do it. It is so much fun.

*I didn’t bring my camera so all photos during the race are from my cousin Samantha.*

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