New Year

Happy New Year!Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This was our first holiday season as a married couple. Chris was sick the week before Christmas and slept most of the time. I cleaned, wrapped presents, decorated, and baked. It was good, slightly stressful but I like doing stuff like that. Everything was all ready for Christmas Eve when we went to church and then to my grandparents.

Once we were getting ready to leave my grandparents thought I knew something was wrong. My throat felt a little off and I remember thinking “oh no!”. But we went home and curled up in bed with the cats and I hoped it would go away. I awoke in the middle of the night knowing I was in for trouble, by the morning I was full-blown sick. Zombie sick. I just sat in the corner and tried not to pass out sick. Thank you Chris for the lovely Christmas present.

I really don’t remember much of Christmas, I opened presents, threw up, then we went to my parents where I opened more presents. Then Mom sent me home to sleep where I tried but I was freezing! I stayed in bed all evening and didn’t get any Christmas dinner. Hold the presents, Christmas is all about the family dinner for me :( This went on for a few days and it wasn’t until just before New Years that I started to feel better. Chris felt really bad. He says I put so much effort into getting everything done and ready and I didn’t get to enjoy it. Well it happens I guess. Anywho the couple that gets sick together stays together, right?


Brita Resolution Run 2012 - Mill Lake Park

Mill Lake Park

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