A Mid-November Weekend

This weekend the husband was working so I got to spend a lot of time with the cats. On Saturday I got up early made myself some breakfast and sat on the couch. I was planning on running errands but then Trouble and Flair decided I was the perfect spot to curl up for a nap. I didn’t have the heart to make them move so we sat and watched T.V. for a bit.
Eventually I did get up and I went and got my oil changed and bought some new pants. Then I came home and went for a run to the gym. It was pouring rain and since I have been sick all the past week I really felt slow and tired. By the time I got to the gym I was soaked so I texted Chris and asked him to pick me up after work. I checked my time and I actually ran 44 seconds/km faster than the last time I kept track of my time. Really didn’t expect that. Now I just need to start adding on distance.

On Sunday I spent the day with my Mom I was planning on another run but lie most visits with my mom I ran late and ended up not having time.

On Saturday I went pants shopping and ended up with two pairs for work and a pair for running. Chris needed shorts for work last week and we went to the local Sport Chek, there I noticed that they had plus size athletic gear. I was SO HAPPY! I even tried on a pair, but they were to large. I decided I would go back and get a pair, so this Saturday I did. I didn’t need a plus size but bought the brand that makes the plus size ones just out of principle. It helped that they were super comfy and have a turquoise band on the top, oh and they happened to fit the nicest too. I thought for sure that I would need an XL, the only pair they had in stock were dirty so I tried on a L just to see. They fit, oh happy day. I am pretty sure a M would of worked too but I am a little crampy and sore so I wasn’t in the mood to push it. Maybe next time. They are a bit short though so I am going to have to let out the hem. Oh and cat hair LOVES them.

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