This weekend we did pumpkins. On Saturday we drove out to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins and as I was shutting the door Chris started yelling at me. I couldn’t hear him because the people next to us were carrying on and yelling themselves. Their friends had gotten their SUV stuck and they were yelling at them and laughing. Chris walked around the truck and asked me why I shut my door, I asked him why wouldn’t I? It turns out he left his keys in the car and had been yelling at me not to close my door. We tried in vain to get back in but nothing worked. So we went and got pumpkins (we=me) while Chris tried to call his Mom. In the end his phone died and his mom couldn’t help us so I had to go track down help. A lady (the owner I believe) tracked down a phone and the numbers for a tow truck and called them for us. Then when the truck arrived she insisted on paying for us. So nice and such a surprise.

So if you ever need pumpkins, apples, pears, cider, ect. and live in the Fraser Valley go to the Apple Barn in Abbotsford they are nice people there. Oh and the apple cider is sooooo good.

Last night I went for a run to the gym and met my bff Korina for a workout. It was fantastic and had me wondering why I don’t do this more often. I felt strong and in shape and I didn’t really get tired till ¾ of the way thru which is completely unusual. I have been wanting to run looking over my calendar trying to find daylight hours that are free long enough for me to go run. It’s been hard the last few days but yesterday was worth it. I am not sure when it clicked, it probably happened over the last few weeks, but now I feel like one of those crazies that enjoys running. Maybe not full blown crazy but it’s feeling better and better and is only a matter of time. Usually I have to encourage myself to finish each 1m run and to start the next one but yesterday that wasn’t really necessary I even found that I could probably of run longer. Maybe next week I will bump up my running time. I have stayed at 1m run and 1m walk for a while now, when I first started I wanted to bump up my time every week but that just made me feel like a failure. Like it was always hard and I was never getting better. This way I can tell I am getting better and that feels great!

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