My hopes for this weekend

This weather sucks. I live in a rain forest I get that but it was so nice a few weeks ago and I really wanted to go shooting but we were to busy. Now we are free and it’s pouring down rain and has been for days. I want to go out into the mountains take photo’s and shoot a few things. Maybe take photos of things being shot. Nothing is more relaxing then jumping into the truck with Chris, grabbing a warm drink, the guns and our camera and heading into the mountains. Target shooting is a stress relief, yet you have to concentrate in order to do it well. Look, breath, pull the trigger. I use my camera in the same way. For me it’s not a release of anger or aggression. We respect guns and what they can do. They remind us to calm down, think, do things safely. I get to concentrate on something and take my mind of whatever happened in the past weeks. I had a co-worker from England come and work with us last year he was horribly surprised that I had and used guns. I always knew I would get my PAL one day. My Dad and Grandpa had guns and while they never took me shooting and I never even saw them around the house, I knew they existed. They were a part of the stories we were told growing up, and a part of my family history. I was never really comfortable around them until I met Chris, but I always felt they were our heirlooms, our fine china. Since I was little and especially after Grandpa died I knew they were important to me and that I wanted them to stay in the family. It’s the logger side of me I guess. It’s also something Chris and I have always enjoyed doing together. He paid for me to get my PAL. Then when we got married Dad gave him his double barrel. Our first family heirloom.

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.
– Dixie Chicks

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