I love my cats!


I love my Flair Bear, she is so pretty and photogenic. She is the hardest to photograph though since she loves to run over for snuggles. She makes me feel so special. When Chris isn’t around she follows me from room to room watching everything I do and staying right by my side. She is shy and cautious around Chris, but is really cuddly when he isn’t around. He hasn’t hurt her or anything his energy is just off for her. He’s been working on making her more comfortable and the last few months she’ll actually let him pet her. That is if he’s calm and respectful of her space.

Trouble is the oddest, funniest cat I have ever known. This is her finishing off a big yawn. It’s blurry but fantastic. I have better photo’s of her but she’s funny and this photo captures that.

I took these photos last night. Chris was out at a fire call and I was at home with the cats. I was to tired to do anything and the acupuncturist said not to do anything strenuous. So I sat in the spare/cat/craft room and took photos and planned out where I wanted everything to go. Then I cleaned the litter box and watched the Big Bang Theory. I was so sore everything hurt not just my back for once. It was a rough night but in the morning I woke up to a purring Trouble sleeping on my pillow with me. Like I said she’s odd, but I love her.

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